Getting Started

And so let me BEGIN. This is an introductory post to anyone who might bump into this site and so hey, welcome to my blog ! It took many decades but finally the fuzzinessss in the ‘little grey cells’ (as Poirot would say), cleared up and here I am doing what I was always meant to do – WRITE ! From voracious reading to hopefully, relentless writing. From dabbling in poetry, philosophy, researching, teaching, mediating and navigating through the many waterways of life, I feel I have finally settled down — they say when you are nearing your destination, you feel a sense of peace and I would add, you also feel a sense of PURPOSE. No matter that no one else can see it or believe it, the spaces in life get filled when you can see your own purpose. On this semi-wise note, I extend a warm welcome to all my future readers, co-writers, fellow-bloggers, story-tellers, poets and look forward to fruitful interactions on life and the like ! Will be back soon. Watch out for the new kid (writer) on the block (blogosphere).


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