Who am I and what am I up to here ?!

WHO AM  I ? In Sanskrit , this translates as KOHAM, Koham – every baby’s first cry and the breath, they say, replies, ‘SOHAM, Soham‘ — THAT  I  AM . I am ONE with Source. However, life and lifetimes are spent in arriving at this Truth — the truth of self-sufficiency. Meanwhile I remain a wayfarer wanting to tell a few stories and sing a few songs !  To introduce myself in less lyrical terms, pleases click HERE

Writing is in my blood and the English language has always seemed like my second skin. I do not know how or why I write. I cannot explain that absurd happiness when words fall out of my pen onto the page and something emerges — an article, a poem and lately — a short story. Call it genes, ancestry, past lives, karma, words always flowed and therefore I took it for granted and tried to do ‘tougher’ and more important things with my life. Till . . . . one day, when just out of my teens, the heart rebelled and the mind refused to churn out the expected any more. I had a ‘creative breakdown’. Back then people — family and friends – said I was just being difficult as usual. I too dismissed it as an uncomfortable episode of life, and society backed me up. “Be practical”, they said. But life was never the same again.

Today, I am grateful for the unusual life I have led. I spent the better part of my youth exploring the spiritual with feet planted firmly on the earth ! My aim now is to write, BLENDING the two worlds that I have experienced. The spiritual lies WITHIN us, the material is how we EXPRESS it. Both are necessary for the world to be harmonious


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