A-Z Blogging Challenge: THEME reveal

This is the first time I’m participating in this challenge and am feeling awesome to be a part of this! However, being a newbie, taking some time to get used to this idea and some starting jitters too 🙂 ALSO my laptop crashed on me and here I am trying to navigate on a tablet !


So here is my  THEME REVEAL, a little late but in time for the Challenge that begins on April 1st, 2015. Hope it resonates with many of you. It is a subject that as someone aptly put it is ‘the elephant in the room’, something that many of us encounter daily, either in ourselves or in our family, among friends, in the workplace, anywhere we go. But then no one talks about it, much, at least not as much as it deserves to be spoken about. Through the month of April, I intend to post on the THEME:

MENTAL HEALTH Awareness : a Journey to CREATIVE Recovery

When I started this blog last year, it was with the intent to discover my ‘writing voice’. But then I realised that a writer’s unique voice develops not so much from skill and technique ( though these are important too), but from the recesses of the self. Those places that we seldom visit in ourselves, because it is tough to cope as it is ; well those secret places are the wellsprings of our creativity! I aim to discover and share the different ways that coping with a mental health issue, whether depression, OCD, paranoia or any other, in a positive, stigma-free manner, actually helps in recovery (degrees may vary). And what is more, it releases the creative spirit hidden within each unique self!

NB: the posts on this topic will NOT of the medical type; they are to do with mental attitudes and spiritual insights that help in dealing with ‘disorders’ of the mind, which in varying degrees EVERYONE is prone to.

However, physical symptoms and the chemical composition of the brain as well as heredity play a huge role in determining mental health issues in small and big degrees. What is most essential is awareness and recovery through approaching this reality in a creative and holistic manner


3 thoughts on “A-Z Blogging Challenge: THEME reveal

  1. Our kids have some…”issues”…and Hubby and I were just discussing the fact that what so many call “mental illness” is actually insane (pun intended) amounts of creativity. Most of the “special ed” kids at the school they attend have some incredible gift. Maybe we need to stop calling it Mental Illness and call it Amazing Difference.

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