F is for Facing your Fears and FREEDOM through FAITH

Day SIX: April A-Z Blogging  Challenge 2015

Worry and fear [are] the greatest foes to [a] normal healthy physical body . . . . For thoughts are things! And they have their effect upon individuals…just as physical as sticking a pin in the hand!” — Edgar Cayce, famous medium of early 20th century, many of whose whose messages from Source during self-induced trances, on a variety of subjects, were pointers to future discoveries in science and psychology


Facing one’s Fears:

Worry has been described as ‘mentally created fear‘, something that the mind imagines would be like a worst- case scenario. Worry is about the future and sometimes it can turn into an obsessive anxiety. Worry often is unfounded, things ultimately may turn out better than we expected! FEAR though relates to the present.

FEAR arises from subconscious memories of past events that caused discomfort, pain or grief — something that affected us deeply in a negative manner. Our reaction to that event gets recorded in the sub-conscious aspect of the mind, where it is lost or forgotten to conscious memory. It however remains there, lurking in the background, until something activates it in the present. This something is what is called, a ‘trigger‘. Anything in the present like a person, a remark, a sight, a feeling, a situation can act as a trigger. Sometimes it could be a sound or a smell. At that time, the whole bundle of the negative memories associated with a past painful event, wells out of the subconscious and enters our conscious mind. We relive that incident which caused trauma and we react. We may spend sleepless nights afraid that something might harm us again, we may relive moments of grief or feelings of powerlessness. A fear though in the realm of the mind, can cause physical symptoms in the body. We may sweat, get a headache or have an upset stomach just by reliving fears, and these are just minor symptoms. Such is the hold that fear can have on us. What is worse is that another person may not even relate to what one is feeling, since triggers are not the same for everyone. Nightmares and ‘night terrors’ are another manifestation of fear that cannot be understood by those who do not experience it.

There are two kinds of fears: minor or immediate and long-term or major. The first could be the apprehension of a situation occurring again that causes a certain amount of discomfort. We learn to live with such fears, we somehow quell the anxiety and manage to convince ourselves that we can handle the situation as and when it arises, if it arises. And we generally do manage. This is the stuff of ordinary existence. The second is major. These are psychological and deep-rooted, like the fear of abandonment, fears of abuse, the fear of oppression or of loss, including losing one’s mind. Fears such as these have no short-term solutions. They are here to stay unless we FACE them and set ourselves FREE.

Facing of fears can be done with the help of our conscious minds and by trusting in the vast inner wisdom that lies untapped within us. One fact about fear is that though it seems to nestle within, it comes from outside. It is not a natural or inherent part of us. We can overcome it. 

To face a fear, first it has to be defined. Definition gives it a form and instead of some vague apprehension, it becomes something that can be looked at squarely. Fears might be imagined or real, but since they affect us, what is necessary is to tackle them instead of a mere scientific discussion of their origin. Meditation, hypnosis, a deep connection with your chosen form of God through prayer or worship, a connection with Nature, a relaxation with harmonious or melodious music are methods by which the inner resource of strength is tapped. Some people find their strength through creative outlets like writing, journaling, painting, dance, story telling and so on. 

FAITH or a belief in a Higher form of Consciousness, whether you call it God or Source or Universe or Tao, whether you define it in terms of religion or spirituality or neither, goes a long way in getting rid of fear. Faith connects you with your own inner version of God/Source, which is a powerhouse of Love Energy and the true cause of all healing.


Edgar Cayce of the early twentieth century has this to say about fear: “All disease was caused by sin, most notably the sin of fear, for that represented a lack of faith . . . . Fear is the root of most of the ills of mankind,” he said in a reading given in June of 1928. You can read the full article on what Cayce said, here: Edgar Casey on the Causes for Illness

© Lakshmi S. Menon & VOICE’nVIEWS


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