W is for Wound, Willingness and the Warrior

Day Twenty ThreeApril A-Z Blogging Challenge 2015  : Mental Health Awareness — layers and nuances

The wound of the soul:

Who is not wounded by life ? Physical, mental, psychological, spiritual — we carry the scars of so many wounds. Some healed, some raw, some on their way to be healed and some neglected and suppressed deep within. Pain is a part of life and wound its manifestation. Since we anyway have to live with these let us then make the best of them. How, one might ask? Ah, therein lies the great enigma of life. How does one embrace something painful and why must we do it anyway? The answer to ‘why‘ lies midway between — the choice to heal or the choice to become bitter from all that wounding.  It is ‘midway’, because though the desire to be healed is universal (who wants pain ?) no one can shake away bitterness or negativity completely from the mind. It is a constant battle between the desire to move past and the urge to just give in. Well, I am talking here of mental wounds, some forgotten, some suppressed, some alive and festering, some healed naturally by time. A wound brings alive the awareness that all is not well — pay attention! Were it not for that niggle of uneasiness and that stab of agony or even that numbing grief, we might never even look within. So wounds force us to pause and take a survey of all that has been stuffed away underground, in the deepest recesses of the mind. Some define these aspects of ourselves as archetypes —  the ‘inner child’, the ‘victim’, and so on. The answer to ‘why’ is then, embracing a wound will ultimately lead to a healing. It is the first step in this process.

To make wounds a step in healing needs the quality of willingness. This is the ‘how‘ part. Long ago, I read in that insightful book by Louise L. Hay, You Can Heal Your Life, some words that have stayed with me all these years. She had written this universal answer to the question ‘how’ that said, ” Be willing and the Universe will take care of the HOW” ! I still feel a thrill when I read these words. Instead of getting caught up in the complexity of the ‘how’ of embracing the wound, of the intricacies of healing and getting caught in a mental loop, this sentence advices us to let go, to be willing, to be open and simply ALLOW universal forces to act. This is not some random, fatalistic act, but one that is full of resolve as well as openness.

This attitude then makes us spiritual warriors on the path to wholeness and healing. We are warriors who have decided to take on the ‘evil’ forces that disrupt our minds and lives. It needs the initiative and intrepidity of a warrior to face inner enemies that threaten our sense of well-being. But if we wish to heal, this is one choice that we have to keep making!


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