Writing and Procrastination: Let Social Media Inspire You

Day Five: WordPress Writng 101, September 11, 2015

Let Social Media Inspire You

Grant Snider
Grant Snider – ‏@grantdraws

I can’t decide if procrastination kills creativity or is essential to it.
5:55 AM – 28 Apr 2014

It must be obvious to any reader reading this why I chose this particular quote. Self-explanatory, my dear Watson ! Alright I made use of some poetic license here, but how many of you know that actually nowhere in the works of Arthur Conan Doyle ( creator of Sherlock Holmes) are these famous words, “Elementary, my dear Watson” found. I would love to be proved wrong, by the way.

Coming back to the topic of ‘procrastination and creativity’,  I am a week late with these assignments but today, I intend to write them all or most of them! I made two or three rough drafts, weathered a fever, but couldn’t get around to posting them, though I badly wanted to. And now, I am on a writing spree. The words are coming forth on the wings of ideas that were barely there and yet this has been on my mind ever since the course started. I would read and re-read the instructions, formulate some sentences mentally, look through what others have written (yes, trust me I have been visiting some of you online) and then — silence.

For me there is a fine THIN LINE between ‘procrastination’ and ‘writing when inspiration strikes’. As you can imagine, college assignments were a nightmare both for me and my teachers! On a serious and important note, as the writer matures, as that ‘inner voice’ is heeded to more often, as the obsessive hold of the mind loosens, delaying is actually good for the writer. The IMAGINATION (as Wordsworth and Coleridge meant it) then organises the ideas within, chooses the words to express them and all you need to do is SHOW UP. Delay but do not ignore the inner prompting that tells you it is time for action. I am happy that this is what works for me now.

PS: haven’t got round to the how to of the ’embedding the tweet’ bit yet. Shall do it soon !!

© Lakshmi S. Menon


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