WRITING and writing: Why I Write ?

Day ONE: WordPress Writing 101, September 7, 2015

There is writing and then there is WRITING ! Yes, there is a huge difference between the two. The first one happens with anyone who likes to put thoughts into words, has a fairly good command over the language, has a decent idea or two to express and has like minded people who would read and appreciate. These writers in my humble view fall into the category of those who ‘write’.

Then what of those who ‘WRITE’ ? Here we enter into a different ball-game altogether. Here you stop inhabiting the ‘normal’ world of ‘normal’ people; you enter into the realms of the ‘misfit’ and WRITING becomes not merely an expression of your ideas, but something with a life of its own. From being a mere tool, it takes over your life, your identity and your waking and your sleeping. In fact it does not let you sleep. You become an obsessive-compulsive, nit-picking perfectionist, picking at your work and jealously watching its progress, for whom the idea and the word are the only two realities worth living on. Sounds crazy ?! Well, I think every writer, wannabe or otherwise at some point will go through this at least once. Then it is time to make a decision, whether to pursue it seriously or go back to the sane world of the former where writing is a mild and gentle pastime, yielding satisfaction and admirers and revenue, something that can be pursued at leisure.

I think true writing is like being ‘in love’. It is an inspiration and a passion and I enter into a creative space, a domain in my mind where one is aware of heightened sensibilities, of renewed life. There is clarity and there is release from many pent-up, unresolved emotions. From a cauldron of confused thoughts and counter thoughts wrestling with each other, my mind begins to resemble a placid, pellucid lake stilled of chaos. Yet this state is born out of chaos tempered somehow by an organising enitty that emerges somewhere from deep within me, beyond my conscious control, miraculously creating harmony and sense out of discordant elements within. When this happens, I can even sense the page I last wrote on, calling me, cajoling me to fill it up with the ideas and thoughts half-formed yet in some dimension already fully embodied. And this when expressed is WRITING.

© Lakshmi S. Menon


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