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Welcome all !! Thank you for dropping by. Hope you will find something here that will resonate with your thoughts or prod you towards a new direction.

Hill View 01

The Valley of Peace

I live in India, in a small town down South called PUTTAPARTHI, that hosts an international spiritual destination, called PRASHANTI NILAYAM (the Peace Abode). Ringed by hills, this spiritual sanctuary situated in a valley, is also home to a University, a Super Specialty Hospital and various other Institutions, all freely run for the service of humanity and the uplift of the human mind.

My challenge in this blog is to blend the mundane and the commonplace with the mystical and the magical; to infuse the ordinary and even the dark moments of life with the extraordinary, for isn’t that what life is ?! Yes. I believe in miracles, in synchronicity, in coincidences being God’s anonymous acts and in Divinity being at hand to assist humanity struggling to find meaning or purpose. So that about sums up my view about life!

In this blog, I aspire to explore my creative potential as a writer, a sometimes-poet, a newbie dabbler in fiction and aim to discover my ‘writing VOICE’. As I write, and writing frees me up, I hope to share life-lessons too. And I discover, the writing persona has a mind of its own and chooses what to write!

And as for what writing means to me:  I WRITE therefore I AM ! I feel most connected to myself when on a writing spree. Do you agree with this ? Is creativity in any form the closest link to our true selves, to WHO we are ? Have you felt this too?

I started this blog to discover the VOICE within (that distinctive TONE and STYLE that lets you identify a particular writer) and express the same through musings on life, experiences, expectations, dreams (lived and unlived) and whispers from distant dimensions, whether as fiction, poetry or any other genre. ANY SUGGESTIONS on how-to-acquire-a-writing-voice are WELCOME and will be gratefully acknowledged!! Please do SHARE your thoughts

And oh, my name, friends from the blogosphere, is LAKSHMI S. MENON.




11 thoughts on “About Me

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  3. It’s very nice to meet you today, Lakshmi. Developing a writing voice, you ask? Go with what’s inside your head. Be yourself. Write what you know. That’s my advice for the day. Be well in your spiritual hamlet, my new friend.

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  4. You already have a writing “voice.” I just saw your response to the Day 20 prompt in Writing 101. I said to myself, “That’s a creative woman from South India, who uses language beautifully, and has her own emerging style.”
    I came to this page after that, and lo! I was right!

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    • Hello ma’m. Glad to make your acquaintance. I like the topics of your books and articles; truly the need of the hour 🙂
      If you have come here to Puttaparthi anytime, then probably we might have met in the real world !

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