WordPress Blogging 101 task 3

Publish a post for your dream reader, and include a new-to-you element in it.

Thought I’d do today’s WordPress suggestion in a fun-way by trying out a HAIKU (first time here):

To my dream-reader:


NAMASTE dreamer

come dip into my mind’s depths

brave treasures await



Something more about ME !

Frankly, I’m EMBARRASSED. Apart from a ‘featured post’ where I talk a bit of my writing goals and an ABOUT me page, I also did one ‘ intro post’ a few weeks back via WordPress, and then dropped away from the challenge, first-time blues, conflicting goals and all that. But every time I write,  I find new perspectives about writing and hence new words about my writing goals and me. That is my only excuse ! If curious, here is that old post  😀  Getting Started


Possible question: Why don’t I just cleverly recycle that old post, since it more or less covers my main goals ? Well, a month or so of random blogging has opened my eyes, so to say. I discover that a writer can have many voices — sombre, flighty, serious, witty, compassionate, sarcastic. old-world, slangy and you can use all of these depending on what kind of writing you are engaged in. Am I stating the obvious ? Well to me though this fact might have lurked somewhere in some corner of my brain, I realise now that every voice that you might find emerging from within needs to be assiduously pursued to make it your own by what else? writing, writing and more writing so that you fine-tune it and finally words can flow in any voice that you choose, without hiccoughs. I am someone who LOVES to write and can forget EVERYTHING when on a writing spree. But I realise that discipline is essential to make writing into a craft and channelise creativity into moulds that can be shared. Also, one cannot really stipulate, “I’ll write this and NOT that, for sometimes, that ‘not that’ wants to come forth and be expressed. So now I am going to try EVERYTHING: poetry, fiction, non-fiction and in ‘voices’ that could vary from the solemn to the irreverent ! The discipline part, I’ll just let the team at WordPress monitor it, since they do such a great job !

Who am I and what am I up to here ?!

WHO AM  I ? In Sanskrit , this translates as KOHAM, Koham – every baby’s first cry and the breath, they say, replies, ‘SOHAM, Soham‘ — THAT  I  AM . I am ONE with Source. However, life and lifetimes are spent in arriving at this Truth — the truth of self-sufficiency. Meanwhile I remain a wayfarer wanting to tell a few stories and sing a few songs !  To introduce myself in less lyrical terms, pleases click HERE

Writing is in my blood and the English language has always seemed like my second skin. I do not know how or why I write. I cannot explain that absurd happiness when words fall out of my pen onto the page and something emerges — an article, a poem and lately — a short story. Call it genes, ancestry, past lives, karma, words always flowed and therefore I took it for granted and tried to do ‘tougher’ and more important things with my life. Till . . . . one day, when just out of my teens, the heart rebelled and the mind refused to churn out the expected any more. I had a ‘creative breakdown’. Back then people — family and friends – said I was just being difficult as usual. I too dismissed it as an uncomfortable episode of life, and society backed me up. “Be practical”, they said. But life was never the same again.

Today, I am grateful for the unusual life I have led. I spent the better part of my youth exploring the spiritual with feet planted firmly on the earth ! My aim now is to write, BLENDING the two worlds that I have experienced. The spiritual lies WITHIN us, the material is how we EXPRESS it. Both are necessary for the world to be harmonious