Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties ~ Erich Fromm

I am often amazed at the similarity between the CREATIVE process and the SPIRITUAL process. To be authentic both require that we let go of certainties in life. That we be ready for changes in life by not resisting or fearing them and yet live the present moment in its entirety, giving it our best. A lesson in selflessness here. (If you are doing this perfectly, you are a MASTER !) For, as has been said, CHANGE is the only CONSTANT in life  !


A true artist while working on technique, language and other skills (like blogging daily !) also is aware that an inspired piece of writing or art is very different from a carefully and merely crafted one. Creativity FLOWS. When inspiration strikes, it just wants to be put down, there’s not much planning to be done. You just take up your tool — your pen or keyboard, brush or piano — and the words, the notes and the colours flow through you. You don’t need to be clever or pretentious; something much more intelligent, in fact Supremely intelligent is working THROUGH you. Well, just BE there — EMPTY — free of mental clutter, self-consciousness, pre-conceived notions about talent, cleverness, impressing the world and so on. Just BE.  (A word of caution here: technique is important too. If you don’t know how to paint, inspiration will not find an outlet and will just clog you up. So both are important — technique and inspiration. )

I have always wondered at how this happens, I mean all those poets and painters producing fabulous works. And finally, I have the answer ! (Note to reader: after years of agonizing enquiry and effort this has happened, mind you.) Creativity happens when we ALLOW life to occur, with its ups and downs, its highs and lows, always alert even when overwhelmed, that there is a higher purpose working through us through these events. It is a process of hollowing out the ego and what I would call the false- self -identification  debris from within us. PAIN is a very good tool that life or SOURCE/Universe (GOD !) makes use of to initiate this hollowing-out process, and that in many ways, makes us more complete human beings. And at the end of one such, who knows, you might suddenly discover that poetry has spouted out of you or you suddenly burst out into a song, freed from a constricted throat. It happens. LIFE and CREATIVITY are very linked. When one has an open attitude to life, accepting its uncertain elements, CREATIVITY blossoms. Quite natural, if you ask me. If at every point in time, you are using all your resources (internal and external) to solve life-puzzles, grappling with change and uncertainty, thinking ‘out-of-the-box’ out of necessity, then you are being CREATIVE. Hey presto !! So if life has been extra hard, don’t worry. You have been ‘selected’ by the powers-that-be for fulfilling a higher purpose other than

 . . . possessing the perfect job/career, the perfect relationship, the perfect husband/wife/ partner, the perfect house, the perfect garden, children, family, income and all other such happiness-generating mechanisms . Seldom does life work out like this anyway. What you dream of at twenty and what you are left with at forty may be vastly different. But on the way, while you may or may not not have received the expected, you might very well be richer by hidden gifts that you need to notice more.