April A-Z Challenge 2017: Theme Reveal #AtoZChallenge

Hi Folks,

So it’s April and for bloggers, especially slackers like me, it is time once again to consider joining the annual Alphabetical Blog challenge. The best thing about these challenges is that they motivate you to seriously write and when there is a theme , write in a focussed manner. So after a break, I am hoping to give it a go with 26 posts for 26 of the 30 days, barring Sundays.

This year, the theme that comes to mind has to do with women: ‘women power’, the ‘inspiring woman’, the ‘representative woman’, and also women not just of the present, but of the past, including the remote past. While feminism and women’s empowerment are considered fairly modern phenomena, in actuality, these themes have been around from many millennia. While many of them feature in our history, the epics and myths of a culture are also storehouses of these stories, of women who became legends and continue to inspire generations.

And therefore, here is my theme for 2017:

The Sacred Feminine: Inspiring stories of WOMEN from History, Mythology and Legends of INDIA

Let the countdown begin !

© Lakshmi S. Menon & VOICE’nVIEWS


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